Our facilities

In 2012, Magabi left Interlagos, São Paulo, to settle in a new structure located in Itapevi (SP), near the Presidente Castello Branco Highway (in the direction to São Paulo). The new site has 350 m2 and was specially designed to meet the laboratory's particular needs and allow for expanding its activities.

The plant is equipped with mass spectrometry, DAD and Fluorescence detection systems, coupled to on-line SPE, HPLC and UPLC, and is provided with highly qualified personnel.

In 2014, a new area was structured especially focused on pharmaceutical analysis (Cleaning Validation and Stability Studies) and purchased new equipment for these purposes.

All laboratory premises are 24-hour monitored for temperature and humidity, ensuring quality to analytical stages. The same monitoring is extended to storage freezers, therefore, biological samples sent by our customers can be easily tracked and have their integrity evidenced.

Main equipment

Mass Spectrometry and Bioanalysis

• 2 Symbiosis Pharma (Spark Hlland) systems for solid phase extractions (SPE)

• 3 API5000 Mass Spectrometers (MDS Sciex/ ABSciex)

• 2 API5000 QTrap Mass Spectrometers (MDS Sciex/ ABSciex)

• 4 Agilent systems with CTC auto sample injectors: 1 1100 Series HPLC system and 3 1200 series UPLC RRHT systems.

Pharmaceutical Analysis

• 1 1260 Agilent system with DAD

• 1 1260 Agilent system with DAD and Fluorescence

• 2 1290 Agilent systems with DAD

• 1 Cary 50 Bio Spectrophotometer (Varian/Agilent)

• 2 DS-708 Dissolution Apparatus Agilent equipped with DS-850 Automated Sampling Station Agilent.

MAGABI is equipped to analyze 4,500 samples/month for Bioequivalence and Relative Bioavailability studies, required to register new generic and similar medicines upon Anvisa.

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